Tuesday , 26 September 2023

Month: April 2020


Looxid Link Review

We are always interested in checking what new hardware can bring to the VR experience and the Looxid Link really got our interest...

Meta Quest GamesReviews

Arizona Sunshine: The Damned DLC Review

We have reached the end of the Arizona Sunshine DLC Roadmap with the release of The Damned DLC. So, as with our review...

PCVR GamesReviews

Pixel Ripped 1995 Review

Pixel Ripped 1989 really left a positive impression on us when we played it back July 2018, now nearly two years later its time to...

PCVR GamesReviews

Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories Review

Disaster Report 4 has finally made it’s way to western shores after a November 2018 release in Asia. We were really interested to...

First Look/Hands-onPCVR

Hands-on With Ayahuasca Kosmik Journey

Ayahuasca: Kosmik Journey is a 360 film made for Virtual Reality, meaning I went into this with bated breath, as 360 video has...

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A Room Where Art Conceals Review

A Room Where Art Conceals has finally made its way over the EU and US PlayStation Stores. Another game trying to bring an...