Tuesday , 5 December 2023



Smash Drums: 1970s Rock Legends – Music Pack Review

VR rhythm game Smash Drums received it’s first paid for track pack with licensed songs from some of the biggest bands from the...

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PowerWash Simulator VR Review

PowerWash Simulator is a game that is highly regarded on flatscreen, and one that left me scratching me head at what was so...

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Kill It With Fire VR Review

Kill It With Fire is the latest flatsceen game to make the jump to virtual reality. Before its VR release I have enjoyed...

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The Foglands Review

The Foglands is the new player in the VR roguelike scene, which seems to becoming a popular genre in the current marketplace. With...

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Journey to Foundation Review

Journey to Foundation brings Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series to Virtual Reality, with a game inspired by the books over Apple TV’s series adaption...

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Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice Review

Vampire: The Masquerade was one game series I never thought would make the jump to Virtual Reality, with the standard game having more...