Monday , 5 June 2023

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Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale Review

One game that took standard gaming by storm was Overcooked, and until now we have not had anything like this in VR. This...

Meta Quest GamesReviews

House Flipper VR Review

When House Flipper was released on Steam, we were always thinking this would be great in VR. The VR version of the game...

Meta Quest GamesReviews

Shooty Fruity Review

All the way back in December 2017, we had a lot of fun playing Shooty Fruity on the HTC Vive. Now nDreams mix...

Meta Quest GamesReviews

Real VR Fishing: Together Edition Review

Real VR Fishing has recently received an update adding Together Edition, which brought mupltiplayer to the game. We took this chance to take...

Meta Quest GamesReviews

Onward Review

We have always been big fans of Onward on PC, and spent a good amount of time in the game. So, when we...

Meta Quest GamesReviews

In Death: Unchained Review

We were left with positive impressions of the Early Access release of In Death on PC, but we never really visited it outside...