EGX 2018: Day Four

The final day of EGX 2018 came around very quickly, there was a few last things I wanted to get around and also some plans I had already made for the day. So what did I get up to on the final day?

Skyfront VR Interview

I started my day with an interview with Sandra from Skyfront about their title Skyfront VR.

I first played Skyfront VR right the way back in November 2017 – you can read my Hands-on here. Since then I have been dipping in and out of the game. So, I was really happy to see the team making it to EGX and finally getting to meet and interview Sandra. – Interview coming soon.

Beat Saber with HTC Vive Wireless Adaptor

OK, I am away from my PC but I keep playing Beat Saber… may be it’s an addiction I never realised I had. Again though this was for a great reason, to check out the HTC Vive Wireless Adapter.

I was interested in checking out how responsive it was and for any latency, and what better to do this on that Beat Saber? – a game where latency can be big issue. Of course I wanted to check how comfortable this part Samurai helmet would be on your head as well as the HMD. I am glad to say that the device had no latency and was comfy on the top of your head. I never really had an issues with it and how it felt on top of the strap, and it was super responsive.

I am not sure it is something I will ever have the reason to purchase myself, as I don’t mind being tethered for my home use. But, it could be a decent piece of kit that is worth buying, if you do have the reason for needing one.

Dr Dad’s Home For Disposable Clones (HTC Vive)

This was the second VR game that was part of the Tranzfuser section of the show. So, it was great to get to speak to the developers and find more information about their development of getting this demo to EGX – thanks for taking the time Doug.

In this game it uses and interesting movement mechanic and also brings some puzzle element from traversing the world, as well as the puzzle element in the gameplay.

The movement system works on a Spider-man style mechanic using guns, but it differs from Windlands. This is all about dragging yourself and climbing using the guns, which allows you to move up vertical walls with ease. The puzzling in the movement system comes in getting from one side to the other avoiding lasers/traps. Then the puzzle element of the gameplay is working out how to unlock the vault at the end of the game.

The game looks nice and well polished with it giving the idea of the sort of person Dr Dad is. But that stand out part is the Portel-esc humour and voice acting that made laugh at times.

Again this is fantastic, all for being made in the time frame given by the Tranzfuser. I totally missed the voting for Tranzfuser as it ended on the Saturday – but this would have got my vote. But, I hope they continue and get a full release of this out.

The Future of VR Panel

I wanted to end my VR coverage by visiting The Future of VR Panel set up by Callum Hurley – who was joined by Sandra from Skyfront, Keanu Hollingsworth of the VR concept, Rob Farquarson-Cole of Proof R&D Ltd and friend of mine UKRifter.

As you will guess from the name of the panel they were they to discuss the future of VR, and it was a really interesting conversation, and if you are interested or even invested in VR it is worth checking out – the recording of this will be available soon.

After the panel I finished off the day with some co-op non-VR games with GD and Doc from Crave The Game, where we played The Division 2 and Knowledge Is Power: Decades.

That is it my EGX was over, and again this year has been an absolute blast. Roll on next year!