EGX Rezzed 2019: Day One

As with last year a good part of my first day at Rezzed 2019 was getting a good look around at what was available at the event, and getting an idea of what exactly I wanted to check out. After getting an idea of what was where and making my list I headed for the first game I wanted to try out…

NYC Bungee / Blackwall VR

I thought I would start my time at the event visiting a VR title. It was great watching some people playing the experience (some with and some without previous VR use) and taking in reactions. Full coverage of what I thought of my experience and an interview with Sam from the team can be found here.

After this I stood and spoke to members of the Blackwall team for a bit about their title. Then it was time to move on to play my next game of the day…

Close To The Sun / Storm In A Tea Cup, Wired Productions

This was one of the none VR titles I was really looking forward to trying out, so I had to get this in on day one of the event. From what I had seen and heard about the game it seemed like it would be right down my street.

The first thing you think of looking at the game and playing it is; is this just a Bioshock clone? But, as you progress where you see there is some similarities in the visual and art deco styling, this is where it ends.

From what I played I got the feeling that exploration of the areas is key for the game, to find all the information out about the world, what is going on and Nikola Tesla’s involvement. The gameplay element outside of this arcs more to a puzzle game, but the parts in what the team brought could be done by trial and error. The demo also brought with it some little jump scares, and the feeling of something horrible is happening in this world.

When it came to the visual and audio side the game really stepped up the plate in this demo. With the art deco design being very well detailed and the surfaces gleaming in the lights. The audio design really gave the darker undertones you might get from the game, and keeps you engaged in the game.

One thing I would love to see is this world brought to life in VR. We have seen one game that Wired Productions published in The Town of Light get VR support, I would love to see it happen with this game, although the game is made by a different developer.

After checking this out I had time to fit in one more game, and I had seen one in mind to finish the day…

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night / ArtPlay, 505 Games

When I first came across the room with Bloodstained I knew instantly this was a game I would need to check out while at the event. This was just from the art style screaming Castlevania – then watching people play it and getting the exact seem feeling. The reason I got this feeling was the gothic art work mixed with the much-loved side-scrolling action, that is linked to the more loved entries in the Castlevania series.

When playing it and getting more and more information into elements of the game, it was soon clear that this was going to an action RPG. In the game you play as Miriam, who has a curse which slowly crystallizes her body. In order to save not on herself but humanity she will have to work her way through a demon-infested castle and defeat Gabel.

With this being an RPG, you are introduced to elements on the game like crafting items, your magic and HP bar, and were soon finding plenty of quests even in the short time I played it. The game is set within the Nineteenth century and the gothic setting in the castle really was a huge plus in the game for me.

The game is due out this Summer on all platforms, and if you like Castlevania I would recommend checking this one out.