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Let’s Play Zero Caliber VR (Alpha) – The Forest Hard Mode (HTC Vive)

Let’s Play Zero Caliber VR (Alpha) – The Forest Hard Mode (HTC Vive)

I continue a look at Zero Caliber VR Alpha on the HTC Vive. In this video I revisit the Forest campaign mission, but take in on in hard mode. Which basically means if you AI team mates are killed they don’t respawn.

I may be should have failed, but I did not give me the option to return to the lobby when I died, and the ending of the mission played out. I will show this do the dev’s as this in Alpha stage.

I apologise for the mic – unfortunately I was recording using the one in the Vive, which seems super sensitive.

Please note the footage in this video is from a very early development demo. Meaning this is no where near the finished product. The team have already told me leading to it’s release on early access they will be improving the AI’s behaviour, NPC aesthetics and the dialogues.

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The game is also being released on the Oculus Rift.

First Look Video:
Look at PvP vs Bots:

The information know so far:

The game releases in Early Access on 9 November 2018 – on Steam, the Oculus Store and Viveport
A demo will be available from 25 October and be playable until the games Early Access release.

Wishlist on Steam at

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