VR most popular game Beat Saber have brought more tracks to it’s ever-growing library, with their latest download content adding four Panic! At The Disco tracks. Bringing int he bands hit songs – The Greatest Show, High Hopes, Victorious and Emperor’s New Clothes.

About the new track pack, Jaroslav Beck, Head of Music of Beat Games said;

“The Panic! At The Disco Music Pack was highly requested from our community and I am glad it’s finally happening. This release shows our commitment to bring various music genres to Beat Saber which is our long-term goal,”

In addition, for the first time ever, the Panic! At The Disco Music Pack is playable alongside a custom game environment inspired by the band’s world tour.

The track pack will cost £5.88 for all of the songs in one bundle. or you can purchase each track separately for £1.69 per track. The tracks are already available to download now on Steam, Oculus and PlayStation VR.

Want to check the tracks out? You can in our video below;