Crunch Element first caught our eye on Upload VR’s Holiday Showcase, and now the team need some help getting the project over the line. So, they have launched a campaign on Kickstarter to try to get the project there, which can be the final important step for independent developers.

What is Crunch Element?

The idea of the game is to use breaches to your advantage, as this is the main mechanic of the game. However, you can complete the levels without taking or using breaches, it all depends on how you want to take on the levels.

You get the chance at the start of each compound to suit up, and take you set-up of choice – do you want to be more stealthy or go in gung-ho? You make that decision. Breach the buildings in what ever way you see fit… place charges, use grenades or use particular weapons to make you way in, but be careful you might not know what’s waiting on the other side of the wall.

The team also understand that one area VR games suffer is longevity, and they are making it so compounds will be procedurally generated, and bringing in a rouge-like element to the game. Which will see you collecting gear along the way, as the compounds become larger and more difficult for the player.

 Why the team needs our help

In order to reach these goals, your help is needed. Crunch Element has been a solo project for most of its 1.5 year life. Six months ago, a handful of amazing developers and artists were hired part-time to assist with the game. The result of this decision was an immense increase in development speed and game quality which couldn’t have been done alone. Naturally, these benefits come with costs which have been paid entirely out of pocket up to this point.

What we made of the Alpha Build

The team was kind enough to send us the Alpha Build of the game, so we could take a look at what it offers. From the 10 crafted levels made for the alpha build we can see the potential the game has, and the mechanics in place.

We tried all the options that were available in this build, be it using breaches or taking them on without the use of breaches. All of the weapons on offer, which were three pistols, three assault rifles, a sniper and two sub-machine guns. After testing each weapon we are hugely impressed with the accuracy of the gun handling even in this Alpha build. We also really liked the climbing mechanic, and were impressed with the way you could climb up to a window and take the enemy robots out through the window this way.

The breaches which came in the form of one you placed on the wall as a large breach, one that will burrow into a wall first and grenades. All of these were fun to use and the seeing the impact of the explosions and all the damage they cause was great – especially given all areas of the buildings can be breached.

It ran quite smoothly for the alpha build too, although there was a few bugs we encountered – but as this is such an early build this was expected. We we also hit with the nice surprise of the game coming with full Index Controller support even in this early Alpha build.

From what we played we really hope the title hits it goal, and we see the finished product make it onto the store fronts.

If this sounds like something you would love to play and you want to help get the game out there. Please head over to their Kickstarter and back the title.