Down The Rabbit Hole VR Adventure Arrives March 26

Award-winning virtual reality (VR) game developer, Cortopia Studios, today announced that Down the Rabbit Hole, its upcoming VR title which serves as a prequel to Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice in Wonderland tale, will launch on March 26.

The game is coming to Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, Steam VR and Viveport platforms for $19.99 (USD), and will you descend into madness and let you imagine what happens before Alice takes the trip to Wonderland.

Starting today, gamers can wishlist the game on Steam, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift and VIVEPORT. Coming to PlayStation Store soon.

Ola Björling, chief strategist at Beyond Frames Entertainment, publisher of Down the Rabbit Hole said;

“We’re excited to share that Down the Rabbit Hole, our long-anticipated, new VR game, will be available to play starting March 26. For those who are curiouser, our team at Cortopia have been taking all the impossible things — from playtests to design updates to mad tea parties to bring this new adventure to life.”

Björling then added;

“We are all very excited for players to experience our interpretation of the magical and mythical world that Carroll created and look forward to delighting players with many surprise encounters, challenging puzzles and hidden secrets as they explore our miniature Wonderland diorama. It’s truly a Wonderland experience, and we cannot wait to share our creation with gamers and see their reactions when the game launches in March.”

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