Experimental Hand Tracking Added To Vacation Simulator

Owlchemy Labs, developer of the hit Virtual Reality game Vacation Simulator, today has announced the launch of experimental Hand Tracking for Vacation Simulator. Now, players can explore all areas of Vacation Simulator using their very own HUMAN hands on Quest and Quest 2!

Hand tracking allows players to interact with the virtual world around them without the use of controllers. Adding hand tracking support has been a major undertaking for the Owlchemy team and has been one of the most technically challenging projects the team has taken on. The launch of experimental hand tracking makes Vacation Simulator the biggest game to date to add full hand tracking support.

On the update Devin Reimer, Chief Executive Owl at Owlchemy Labs, said;

“We had to make changes to most major systems in order to make everything work with this new input type. It was important that we add this experimental hand tracking mode to push the limits of the technology and show the edge of what is currently possible.”


Andrew Eiche, CTOwl and Cable Slinger at Owlchemy Labs, added;

“At its core, Vacation Simulator is about hand interaction. The large variety of challenges and interactions made Vacation Simulator a good and challenging candidate for hand tracing support.”

Hand tracking is available now for Vacation Simulator on Oculus Quest and Quest 2.