Fantasy Smith VR Now Available On Steam

Fantasy Smith VR has been released on Steam today. This a game that has been developed by Gunben3, a team of students from Taiwan. What is interesting is none of the development team are gaming programmers. But, they have worked hard to get the game out there.

In the game you will play the role of the smith apprentice and get to interact with a mix of cute creatures and characters in the shop. The games fantasy settings makes for an interesting experience as you will have potions and floating crystals in this magical world.

In relation to the game, one of the developers stated;

“The game is designed to be highly open and free. Players can show their creativities by interacting with all the objects in the scene. For example, players can shape their own weapon to however they like, mix the sword handle and the gem which they bought from the market while bringing them to different kinds of story ending,”

Want to find out more about and/or purchase the game? Head over to their Steam page.

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