HTC Announce Two New Headsets At CES 2019

At CES 2018 HTC introduced the HTC Vive Pro to the VR audiences, and it soon became known as the device for prosumers and professionals. On Monday in Las Vegas at CES 2019, the company announced two new Vive products.

Dan O’Brien, General Manager of HTC Vive Americas, said on the HTC Vive Pro;

“We entered the market extremely well, it was well received by enterprise and professionals,”

The first head mounted display (HMD) announced was a new iteration of the HTC Vive Pro, which will be known at the HTC Vive Pro Eye. Named so because the headset is going to bring integrated precision eye tracking technology. Adding to the set of world-class graphics, high-end audio and modular tracking already associated with the Pro.

This eye tracking technology will allow for tracking and analysis of eye movements, and what this means is your eyes become an intuitive controller and intention communicator – which results in quicker reaction for games. The HMD will also bring foveated rendering, making it so only the areas you are looking at in the game or application will display in high-resolutions, while the areas out of focus will be rendered in lower resolutions.

At the moment not pricing is available for the HTC Vive Pro Eye or when it will be made available to order. But, on Monday HTC said it would ship in the second quarter of the Year.

vive-pro-eye HTC-Vive-Cosmos-CES-2019-2-1024x570

Then second HMD announced was the HTC Vive Cosmos, but a lot of details on the Cosmos were kept quiet. However, it was suggested that the HMD can be powered by ‘more than just a PC’ – at this point a photo of the headset with a mobile phone flashed on the screen.

The only other information provided was the Cosmos will have six-degrees of freedom, and will use inside-out tracking which will remove the need for base stations used with the Vive’s currently available on the market. Also the controllers for the Cosmos are different from the current tracked motion controllers, bringing analogue sticks and buttons, with a more ergonomical design.

HTC confirmed they plan to make the HTC Vive Comos developer devices available soon. This is being positioned as a consumer device, and they will announce more details around the commercial availability later in the year.

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