Oculus Rift S Launching Spring 2019 for $399

At GDC Oculus have announced their next step into PC VR with the Oculus Rift S. Which is going to bring the full power of your PC and bring the convenience of built-in Oculus Insight tracking technology – removing the need for the sensors currently used with your Rift.

So, what is the Rift S bringing with it?

New Display and Higher Resolution

The team have ditched the OLED displays used for the Rift for a ‘fast-switch’ LCD. Making it the same screens used in the Oculus Go, which also brings the same and higher resolution of 1280 x 1440 per eye provided by the Go as well. One downside to this is the reduction from 90Hz to 80Hz.

Increased Comfort and Integrated Audio

The quest comes with the halo head-strap that seems to be the popular choice in VR, and have partnered with Lenovo. Taking int account the feedback from the Lenovo Legion gaming community in relation to comfort, better weight distribution, improved light-blocking and the single-cable system to reduce the clutter. The Rift S also ditches the over ear headphones and brings in the same audio system used on the Go and the upcoming Quest, with a headphone jack being provided to use your own headphones.

Oculus Insight for Precise Room-Scale Tracking

As with the upcoming Oculus Quest, the Rift S is using Oculus Insight, which is state-of-art inside-out tracking technology. Which as aforementioned removes the needs for external sensors. Oculus Insight captures, traces and navigates physical spaces in realtime, by using computer vision algorithms.


Oculus is introducing Passthrough+, a true stereo-correct passthrough feature. This utilizes core Oculus runtime advancements including Asynchronous Spacewarp.

A Shared Platform

Because the Rift and Rift S share the same core platform experience. All current Rift owners will be able to take advantage of continued software updates, and access the same games available today and in the future.

System Specifications

The recommended and Minimum Specifications have also been confirmed;

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