Oculus Rift S And Quest Launching 21 May, Pre-Orders Available Now

Today seen the start of F8 (Facebook’s developer conference) and as expected it was a great start for VR fanatics and users. The first announcement in relation to VR was a double-header as it was confirmed that both the Oculus Rift S and Quest will be launching on 21 May 2019, and pre-orders are now available.

With these two head-mounted displays (HMD) the choice is down to the buyer, but Facebook are making VR accessible to anyone. If you have a PC or getting a PC that is VR capable. your best option is likely going to be the Rift S. However, if you are looking for a standalone VR HMD that does not include the outlay of a VR Ready PC, then the Quest will be right down your street. We personally feel that Facebook is now taking the forefront in making VR accessible to everyone, which is great for the platform.

Both the Oculus Rift S and Quest will be available for $399 USD, with the later coming with a more expensive option. With the Quest being a standalone device it is launching with two options a 64GB model which is priced at $399 USD and then a 128GB model priced at $499 USD.

Never mind what opinion you chose, it’s a great time to get involved in VR.

Pre-order your Oculus Rift S here

Pre-order your Oculus Quest here


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