Ragnarock Available on Oculus Quest Now

WanadevStudio announced today that Ragnarock, the rock / metal-oriented single-player / multiplayer VR rhythm game is available on Oculus Quest now via App Lab.

Ragnarock is a single-player / multiplayer VR rhythm game in which players take on the role of Viking captains competing against each other in a frenzied longship race. Equipped with their hammers, they must strike the runes in rhythm on a soundtrack ranging from Celtic rock to power metal, in order to move their ship forward.

Fun and stylized art direction inspired by Norse mythology transports players to Viking lands through six different environments. Enjoy over 30 epic tracks from Alestorm, Saltatio Mortis, Ultra Vomit, Sabordage and more!

The game is available for the suggested retail price of $ 21.99 on the App Lab.