Ragnarock, The Rock/Metal VR Rhythm Game Arrives on Steam July 15th

Building on the success and excellent reception receive from VR players during six-months of early access for Ragnarock, French independent stuido WanadevStudio has confirmed the release of Rangarock on July 15 on Steam.

Epic metal music, multiplayer modes and Vikings: an explosive cocktail for an original and enjoyable musical VR game.

Play in VR to the epic rock and metal soundtracks from Alestorm, Gloryhammer or Wind Rose, and feel all the viking power!

Ragnarock is a single-player / multiplayer VR rhythm game in which players take on the role of Viking captains competing against each other in a frenzied longship race. Equipped with their hammers, they must strike the runes in rhythm on a music ranging from Celtic rock to power metal, in order to advance to the finish line.

Players sail to Viking lands in a fun and stylized art direction inspired by Norse mythology. Only the most experienced Vikings will be able to collect all the gold medals, beat the best scores, achieve unparalleled combos and put their name on the leaderboard.

Challenge yourself in frenzied real-time races for up to 6 players thanks to the PvP multiplayer mode! The cross-play functionality promises intense games between players of different platforms. In solo mode, the most competitive players will be able to race against ghost ships.

Early access allowed the studio to develop the game taking into account the community’s feedback.. It is through regular updates (Alfheim Update, Nidavellir Update, Asgard Update …) that the studio has committed to evolving the game with regular additions of music, features, and environments.

The release of the title is therefore accompanied by a multitude of additional musical content, additional environments and new features, which will continue to be enriched over time.

WanadevStudio is also happy to confirm the game’s availability on the Oculus Quest 2 headset starting this summer!