We have just witnessed Sony’s first State of Play event and there is many reasons for PlayStation VR gamers to be excited!, So, let’s take a look at what we personally think about the events announcements.

Ironman VR

It was certainly a surprise to see the first ever event opening with a VR announcement, given the amount of popular games PlayStation still have up their sleeves for release – with the likes of The Last of Us 2 in the works.

This was the announcement that an Ironman VR game is in development with a 2019 release window. Now although it was awesome to be opened with VR, it is hard not to hold reservations about this game. You might be asking why, but we have seen the attempts of bringing Marvel to VR in experiences and Powers United (on Oculus)… and let’s just say they haven’t been super. All we can hope is Campflaj can bring something that works with the Marvel universe,

No Man’s Sky VR

I am not sure why this wasn’t the opening announcement… this is something the community has been begging for and we are finally getting it! No Man’s Sky in VR!

I’m sure people are thinking the hype is real… and we know how that went last time around the game. However, with the huge improvements Hello Games have already made bringing the base game to what players expected since it’s release. I am confident the team will be doing all they can to not let the same happen again, and I can not wait to explore all these planets and find new species in VR!

With the best thing being the update is coming Summer 2019 and at no additional cost, so no more money to fork out if you still own the game… but if not I’d try grab it now because I can imagine the price spiking again like it did after the NEXT update.

Blood and Truth

Something everyone was expecting, we now have a new trailer and a confirmed release date for Blood and Truth… with it releasing 28th May 2019.

The VR Realm got the chance to play some Blood and Truth back in September last year and it left a positive impression (find out more here). The only thing I am hoping is that have brought full locomotion into the game, I suppose we will find out more in a couple of months.

VR Montage

Next for VR we received a montage of games that are confirmed for or expected to release on PlayStation VR in the coming year. This included titles like Jupiter and Mars, Falcon Age, Trover Saves The Universe, Everybody’s Golf VR, Vacation Simulator and more… showing it is going to be an exciting year for PlayStation VR owners.

Five Nights At Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted

The final full announcement was for a series that never seems to die, with Five Night At Freddy’s making it’s way to VR. Along with this announcement they included some gameplay footage.

As you would expect in the game you are going to take on the similar role, as you did in the mobile games. Controlling the cameras and watching the CCTV. Where in my opinion the series should have died a death by now, those jump scares could be something to witness in VR! With the game being given a Spring 2019 release window.

Concrete Genie

This was announced as PlayStation 4 titles to start with, and all through watching the trailer I was thinking this game and it’s art style would look beautiful in VR.

Then after the trailer it was announced for the first time that the game would be receiving a PSVR mode… but more would be confirmed as the game prepares for launch. This is one The VR Realm will be keeping an eye on, and will be hoping it’s the game in VR and not just a tagged on VR experience.

That’s it all the VR goodness announced from this first State of Play event, and the announcement of No Man’s Sky VR is certainly our standout title, but either way PlayStation VR library is growing stronger and stronger and we already have a 2019 of great releases to look forward to.