One thing that has become apparent over their games they have released so far is Survios know how to develop VR games – with them trying something new with every title and succeeding each time. Well they have announced they new game to be released Summer 2019, and it’s something different again, this time taking you to the high-seas in Battlewake.

In Battlewake you will become a Pirate Lord, and you will get to captain a massive battle-ready ship and wield ancient magics. This will bring modes for every type of player; from single-player PvE to cooperative multiplayer gauntlets to PvP death matches. In other words gets ready for boat battles in watery chaos.

As mentioned you will have your ship and magic to take on the high-seas. meaning you will have to following at your disposal;

  • Fully-Armed, Upgradable Warships: Thirteen different ship-based weapons draw inspiration from naval battles both real and imagined.
  • Powerful Ultimates & Abilities: Play as 4 Pirate Lords and channel ancient magics for special and ultimate attacks only recalled from tall tales. Unleash mighty tsunamis, send your enemies’ ships flying in stormy maelstroms, and literally release the Kraken.

I’m sure you are thinking this might cause sea/motion sickness, but with the teams understanding of VR they have made the following moves with their technology;

  • No sea-sickness: From “Raw Data’s” teleshift to “Sprint Vector’s” fluid locomotion, Survios has made great strides in challenging the standards of VR movement. “Battlewake” marks Survios’s first venture into vehicular locomotion and combat in VR, with a proprietary technology coined the Immersive Vehicle System. Using Adaptive Physics and Peripheral Effects subsystems, players can focus on the battle at hand and take on the wildest waves, while limiting the common triggers of sea-sickness.
  • Reactive Water: the sea turns from peaceful to extreme as comets and tentacles blast into the water, bosses arrive and send out shockwaves, ultimates transform water into whirlpools, tidalwaves and maelstroms to make truly epic battles.

As the title says they have also announced that a BETA is coming before release. You can register your interest in being part of the Closed BETA at