Back in May Survios announced their latest title Battlewake and it’s upcoming BETA period. With the BETA then happening on the weekend of July 19 – 21. Today they have announced when the game will be hitting both Steam, Oculus Store, and PlayStation VR.

The game will be coming out next month, with the release date being set for 10th September, with a Quest release date to be confirmed. So, mark the date in your diary mateys, and be ready for some high sea mayhem.

About Battlewake;

Battlewake ​ , a VR-exclusive  seafaring combat game from the creators of ​Raw Data ​ and ​CREED: Rise to Glory ​ .  Become a mythical Pirate Lord, captain a massive battle-ready ship and wield  ancient magics as you embark on a larger-than-life nautical war for the ages.

Featuring game modes for every style of play, from single-player PvE to  cooperative multiplayer gauntlets to PvP deathmatches, ​Battlewake ​ delivers a  rip-roaring vehicular VR adventure and watery chaos.

Game Features;

Powerful Ultimates & Abilities:​ Become Diego, Rev, Calavera, or Zhang and  channel ancient magics for special and ultimate attacks only recalled from tall  tales. Unleash mighty tsunamis, send your enemies’ ships flying in stormy  maelstroms, and literally release the Kraken.

Solo, Co-op and PvP Modes:​ Navigate the epic 20-chapter story of the Pirate  Lords’ quest to discover an ancient seat of power in solo/co-op Campaign  Mode, work together to complete objectives in dynamic Warfare Mode, or  embrace the pirate’s life in free-for-all PvP deathmatch.

Fully-Armed, Upgradable Warships:​ Thirteen different ship-based weapons  draw inspiration from naval battles both real and imagined. Command flak  cannons, ballistae, axe-throwers, and more.

Player Progression:​ From your Captain’s Quarters, spend gold earned from  matches to boost your ship’s stats and arsenal, as well as levelling up your own  Pirate Lord skills and abilities to turn the tides in your favor.

All Sea, No Sickness:​ ​Survios’s propriety ​Immersive Vehicle System​ simulates  the thrills of sailing upon the high seas—without triggering nausea.

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