Synth Riders Adds Power-Ups Multiplayer Update, Muse Tracks Coming Next Year

Our favourite rhythm game Synth Riders has today received a free update in the ‘Power-Ups’ update. This update brings the fun of Kart racer-style boosts and attacks to their multiplayer mode. This feature has roller out today, across all platforms on Steam, Oculus Quest (cross-buy with Rift) and Viveport.

“Power-Ups” are an entertaining set of special effects that players can collect and send to other players to turn the tide of the battle. The currently available arsenal consists of two boosts and seven attacks, including “Embiggen” that will turn the notes into beach balls, “Warp” that will make them approach at an impossible speed, and a fleet of “Invaders” that target the player with projectiles. Power-Ups can stack up, resulting in crazy combinations that will really test players’ ability to make it through the song!

This is being added to the game, on top of fan favourite features like official song support, up to 10 player multiplayer with build in voice chat, and adds to the generous list of free post-launch content updates.

The team have also revealed that the next stop on their roadmap will be a third DLC music pack, “Synthwave Essentials 2”, coming on January 14th and featuring songs from Muse, the superstars of alternative rock. However, full details on this track pack is not yet available, but we will bring more information and coverage of the track pack ahead of it’s launch.