Two of our favourite and the most popular rhythm games in Synth Riders and OhShape are joining force again, bringing their second collaboration. After the success of the original collaboration the games are introducing a new song ‘Carry On’ by F.O.O.L, mapped and ready to dance to in both games. This game is an electro hit with Cyberpunk vibes, made to make players break a sweat with the strong bass.

Both games have recently had well received updates in with 360 degree ‘Spin Mode’ in Synth Riders, and players going through shapes in a frozen planet at the speed of sound in OhShape. This new update is aligned with another collaborative event, the VR Fitness Summit. This weekend, the finalist of the joint OhShape and Synth Riders tournaments will compete for the throne, and for that, they will have to mark the highest scores in both games.

The brand new song “Carry On” is now available in OhShape and Synth Riders on all the platforms, including Steam and Oculus Quest & Rift Cross-buy.

Synth Riders on Steam:
Synth Riders on Oculus Quest:

OhShape on Steam:
OhShape on Oculus Quest: