Ultimate Fishing Simulator, currently the best rated Fishing Simulator in the history of Steam is coming to VR headsets on 30 August. It will be launching in Early Access for the first few weeks as development is continued. The game will be playable on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift/S, Valve Index, Pimax and Windows Mixed Reality, making it available on all the major PCVR platforms.

The VR version of the game will launch with all the content available in the standard edition that launched in early access all the way back in November 2017, and left early access August 2018). Most importantly Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR will also be playable outside of VR.

Mateusz Zawadzki (CEO of Ultimate Games S.A) said;

“Ultimate Fishing Simulator is the best and highest rated fishing game on the market. Out of care for the final quality, in the case of the VR edition, we decided to release it in the Early Access formula. The content of Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR is basically ready, so the early access phase will not last too long. This should be more or less a few weeks and during this time we will refine individual elements in terms of the specificity of VR systems, taking into account, of course, also comments made by players. We want Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR in the most optimal way to combine the advantages of the traditional version and the new possibilities offered by virtual reality systems”

Mateusz Zawadzki has also indicated, players interested in the VR version who already have the “regular” version will be able to buy an add-on that extends the game with VR support.

The games key features include;

  • the VR version of the highest rated fishing game;
  • 10 locations (fisheries) modeled on real locations including 2 winter season fisheries and a sea fishery;
  • differentiated fishing techniques (spinning, float, bottom and fly methods, sea, ice and beach fishing);
  •  several dozen types of fish;
  • photorealistic water, dynamic weather change system;
  • boats (e.g. yachts and motorboats)
  • skill development system and trophy room;
  • additional view from the perspective of the bait;
  •  extensive multiplayer modes;
  • fishery editor (without VR systems);
  • 3 available add-ons (2 consecutive ones will appear in 2019).

Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR will make its debut on the Steam platform when it launches in early access. But, the publisher have announced it will be added to other store fronts including the Oculus Store at a later date.

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