Virtual Reality Day ’18 – 24 hours in Virtual Reality

Back on 7th November The VR Realm shared the news that High Fidelity are launching FUTVRE LANDS A Virtual Reality Festival, as part of Virtual Reality Day celebrations. AltspaceVR is now getting involved in the celebrations and working with High Fidelity and many volunteers of the VR community to bring you twenty-four hours of VR!

Over on the Altspace event page, the following has been quoted;

Through the great effort of many volunteers in the VR community and with the support and collaboration of AltspaceVR and High Fidelity, Virtual Reality Day ’18 will be broadcasting around the clock in VR. We will have a rotating gallery of hosts and speakers from around the world. This event will be streamed live to the in-person events happening around the globe as we bring new people into VR for their very first time. And…at 2pm EST, 11am PST, working with the MiroShot Collective, they will be the first band to release a music single in VR.

Vivian from The Hive VR shared the news on some of the speakers that are involved via a tweet;

The event is running on Saturday 17th November.

Interested in joining the event? Make sure to go check out the full details and RSVP over at Altspace