Another announcement which is great for stand-alone VR from HTC, is that their subscription based service Viveport Infinity now supports Oculus Quest via the Oculus Link that was released in beta last month.

What this means is for either the $12.99 USD/month or $8.99 USD with an annual plan, owners of the Quest with a compatiable cable and a PC with the required specifications will have access to hundreds of PCVR game and not be restricted to the one store front.

We recently reviewed Viveport Infinity, if you want to know our thoughts, you can read our review here, or watch our video review here.

The team at HTC, have also released a handy step by step on how to get it working on your Oculus Quest with Oculus Link. You can find this below;

Step One: Start setting up your Oculus Link Beta
  1. Open the Oculus desktop app. *Make sure your Quest’s firmware is updated to version 11.0 or greater
  2. Go to Settings > General > Unknown Sources to enable 3rd party sources
  3. Navigate to Beta and join the public test channel
  4. Go to Devices on the menu bar and add “Quest” as your headset
  5. Connect your Quest to your PC via USB-C cable
  6. Click “Enable” during the Oculus Link prompt in headset
  7. Congrats! You are all set
Step Two: Download Viveport (please skip to Step Three if you already have an account)

Download the Viveport desktop app

During Installation, you will be prompted to:

  1. Log into a Viveport account (or create a new account if you’re joining us for the first time).
  2. Install SteamVR (this occurs automatically, but you may be asked to sign into your Steam account).
  3. Launch Viveport from the desktop shortcut
  4. Sign-up and start your free 14-day trial to Infinity giving you to access hundreds of Oculus compatible desktop titles.
Step Three: Discover

From the Viveport homepage, select “Featured for Oculus Rift” to filter for Oculus compatible content.

Step Four: Play

Pick and play your favorites! Once you launch a game, SteamVR will launch, followed shortly by your selected application. Note that you’ll be able to launch content via a mouse or keyboard or via Quest’s Virtual Desktop feature.