VR is soon getting a new tracking/motion system which is known as WalkOVR. However, in order to get the product going the team will be creating a KickStarter campaign, which is not quite ready to launch, but, you can subscribe to be notified when it starts on their website. Let’s take a better look at what the product is and how it is going to work.

What is WalkOVR?

The WalkOVR is a motion suit that features built-in motion sensors and sophisticated motion capture algorithms and track gamers’ movements in real-time. While many virtual reality games are designed to be played with a controller, WalkOVR provides users the ability to control their digital counterparts with natural movements. WalkOVR users can fully experience virtual reality games the way they were supposed to be experienced without the disconnect of full body movements being singularly controlled by the user’s hands.


How Does it work?

WalkOVR uses a set of motion nodes that continuously track users’ lower body movement in 3D space. Then, in just a few milliseconds, these nodes transmit their calculated and filtered positional data to the main processor unit. Onboard motion capture algorithms determine the positional movement and tag the nodes with equivalent vector information almost in real time. Once this information is transmitted to the client through the Bluetooth communication, our OVR Portal application starts processing the incoming data.

Then users start actively moving in VR games and environments, while OVR portal processes the incoming data and converts it to equivalent motion.

In the video above you can see a demo of them using the WalkOVR in Doom VFR, but the product already boasts support for fifteen AAA VR titles, you can find a list of all the games here.

Keep an eye out for more information on the KickStarter launching on The VR Realm.