Top Five PlayStation VR Games Of 2018

Top Five PlayStation VR Games Of 2018

Please note I have not been able to play all games available. But, these are the stand out titles for the year I have played.

2018 has been a great year for Sony and the PlayStation VR, we have seen a huge amount of games released over the year. After a really long deliberation over the past day, here are my choices for the best fives games I have played over this year.

5. WipEout Omega Collection

I remember the announcement that we were going to received the patch for WipEout Omega Collection to make it support VR… and the patient waiting from the PSVR community for the patch to land.

When the patch arrived it was certainly not a let down, and over the last few months I have finally had sometime to sit down and give the game the sort of attention I wanted to give it. In this time I have come to notice how much more fun the game is in VR, and I loved it in non-VR version. I can see why this is game is popular with the PSVR community and why it is an essential purchase. With this just being a VR patch the team have managed to keep all the fun and even the pace into the game, it feels great to be sat taking in these tracks from the cockpit of the racer.

4. Tetris Effect

A late release in the year for PlayStation VR, and after playing it back at EGX in September it soon became the game in VR I didn’t know I needed. The team at Enhance have done a totally fantastic job of transferring the game into VR.

The way it plays keeps to the original Tetris feel, but the use of the surroundings in VR really makes this something to behold. Then add in other modes that allows it to keep the gameplay fresh and scoreboards to allow you challenge both strangers and friends in setting new score – and it brings plenty of fun with it. As well as the team making a great use of the visuals they’ve done excellent work with audio design and the music… I really want the soundtrack to be released.

wipeout screen yetris screen beat saber screen astro-bot-screen moss-screen

3. Beat Saber

One of VR’s success stories of 2018 made it’s way over to PlayStation VR late in the year, and it really would be difficult not to include it in the list. Not only did it bring the game to the platform but the port was flawless.

The PSVR release also brought some exclusive tracks to the platform never seen before, and also a campaign mode. The campaign mode really offered a nice twist the gameplay, and was actually challenging and teaches players the basics but does not hold your hand in any way. To combat the custom track mod that is available on PCVR, the team at Beat Game will be increasing the games library of songs with DLC packs – and I think the frequency and pricing will be essential to the long-term success of the title on PSVR. However, even with the tracks available at the moment this is still a must have on the platform.

2. ASTRO BOT: Rescue Mission

Late 2018 was a great time for PlayStation VR users as the great titles just kept flowing over the final months of the year. One of these was ASTRO BOT: Rescue Mission, something that was hyped by all PSVR users following the enjoyment of the similar game in Playroom VR.

The game brings some of the best platforming action not only in VR but in the platforming genre in general. You can see the team have put a lot of thought and love into every aspect of the game, from the level design to the interaction with Astro. Then adding to the plaforming fun is the very retro-platforming boss battles. Making this not only an essential but amazing VR platforming experience.

1. Moss

As previously mentioned it was a difficult list to make, but making it in at number one is Moss. Released all the way back in late February it set the bar for releases over 2018, and still holds a place in my heart as not only one the best PSVR games but VR games in general.

What makes this game so specials is how beautifully it’s all been designed, from the levels to the animation in Quill, it all brings the game to life inside your headset. Then to go with the animation the way you have to watch over, help and heal Quill it really brings a bond with a character like never before in VR. With this only being book one and more planned for the future I can not wait to see how this one develops and I am sure the team will do an awesome job.

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