3dRudder Review (PSVR)

We have been using the PC version of the 3dRudder for about a year and half, and now we have have finally had some time with the PlayStation version released earlier this year. So, what does this peripheral bring to the PlayStation VR?

Whats in the Box?

Inside of the box you will get the 3dRudder Foot Motion controller and the foot bars to add that extra support and grip for your feet. Then your information leaflets that show you how to install the foot bars and use the product.


When it comes to the assembly there is not much to do to get your 3dRudder ready for use. All you need to do is install the foot bars provided. This is really simple to do, and it is just a case of connecting the foot bars into the slots on the top of the device. Nice and simple and quickly ready for use.


The team at 3dRudder have kept a similar design to what they used on the PC model of the product, but made some slight changes to differentiate from this version.

The controller is circular in design, with a domed bottom that allows to the controller to be tipped and rotated easily, which is essential for the way the product works. On the top of the 3dRudder you have two blue grips that are separated with black plastic, that match the aforementioned foot bars. You then the 3dRudder logo branding at the top of controller and a circle in the centre showing the PlayStation logo.

On the dome they have included some grip as well, however, even with our experience using the PC version, we still find the controller can move away from you easily. This is then going to lead to you needing to get it back in place so it is comfortable to use – over time you get used to doing this as second nature with just your feet. But, if you can’t the team are releasing a Ground Gripper to help with this November this year.


The 3dRudder is made of high quality plastic, and at first when you get it you may think is the plastic between the layers going to hold out in the long run. But, after the large amount of use we have had from our PC model we can confirm this should not be a worry.

The grip on the top of the controller and the foot bars means you can use the controller with shoes, socks or even bare feet, and it will still work great. However, I much prefer using it with shoes or slippers on. Then as previously mentioned although the grip on the bottom seems it should do the job of keeping it in place, you will mange to move it and have to re-adjust.

The final part is the USB cable that has plenty of length to it, allowing for you sit a decent distance from the PlayStation which can be essential for the tracking for PlayStation VR. The cabling used is a of high quality as well, which will make it hard to damage when in use or when stored.

The immersion and benefits

One thing we always through when using the PC version is that the PlayStation would benefit from the 3dRudder massively. The reason we thought this was down to the lack of analogues on the Move Controllers, meaning you would be getting a better way to handle the locomotion than the janky system you have to work with. After the time we have spend with it we can confirm it does exactly that, which makes the 3dRudder a lot more than a throw away peripheral and one that should have a home with PlayStation VR users.

Now, one issue that might put off people is the controller has to be used seated, but, you would expect that given how it works. Where some people do find this immersion breaking if it’s a game that suits being played stood up, it’s benefits of replacing the mentioned janky locomotion system outweighs this – which we feel can break immersion itself.

The final benefit we want to mention, is outside of the immersion and more about what the product can offer. What the team has done, which we think is very special is opened VR gaming for some users who might not have be able to stand or stand for a long time. To me this is a massive benefit of the product and it will make VR accessible for some in a very immersive way – which previously would have been possible for them.

The Games

At the time of writing this review the controller boasts support for twenty-one titles. However, we know the team already have another twelve games with support coming soon, and are constantly speaking and working with developers to grow this list even more.

At the moment with the games we have which are supported, where they are implemented well, although we found the best experience using it was with;

  • Sairento VR
  • The Wizards: Enhanced Edition
  • Red Matter

But, please note we have not tried every supported title with the device.

When it comes to activating it within the games, this is really simple. The PlayStation version of the 3dRudder is plug-and-play, meaning when you open a supported title it will be recognised instantly. Then all you need to do is place your feet on the controller to activate it for the game.

  • Replaces the lack of analogues on the Move Controllers
  • High quality build
  • Opens VR to players who have difficulty standing
  • Immersive control system for locomotion
  • Very little assembly and plug-and-play

  • Support depends on developers releasing patches
  • Seated play can be off putting to some


The PlayStation 3dRudder is a product that should not be overlooked by PlayStation VR users. Gone is clunky and janky locomotion system caused by the lack of analogues on the Move Controllers. With a decent number of titles to start with already offering support, and more to come moving forward, it is the most immersive way to handle locomotion at this moment on the PlayStation VR.

But, the full life of the controller is going to come down to one thing and that is developers patching support to make sure the library of supported titles grow. Which we know is something the team at 3dRudder is constantly working hard on, so it’s highly likely more and more will come.

Also available for PCVR
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For the purposes of transparency, this review was created using a sample provided by the company or their respective PR company. The use of a review press sample does not affect my judgement of the product.

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