EGX 2017: Top 10 Games Played – Part One

It’s time for part one of my final article about EGX 2017, after getting some reviews due out-of-the-way, and getting back on top things after my time away. So, what is my final article? As you will tell from the title it’s the Top 10 games I played at EGX.

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EGX 2017 | Figment

As I was browsing the Indie section at EGX, I came across Figment by Bedtime Digital Games and was instantly drawn to it. After playing the game I spoke to a member of their PR team, and set-up an interview with Niels from the Bedtime Digital Games team, because I was that impressed with the game.

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EGX 2017 | Forgotton Anne

I got the chance to speak to a member of the Throughline Games team about their up and coming title Forgotton Anne, as I waited for the chance to try out the game (the booth was busy). I then got my chance to try to the game out, hence the quick end to the interview – as I had to jump in when it became free.

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