Sharknado VR: Eye Of The Storm Review (HTC Vive)

The Sharknado movies have really built a franchise around the whole so bad it’s good mentality. Well it’s time for the franchise to move into the video game world, and more importantly in virtual reality. Does the game tie in manage to pull off being decent or even the same mentality gained by the movies?

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Arca’s Path VR Review (PSVR)

It’s really great when developers try to bring a new idea and concept to VR. The team at Dream Reality Interactive have certainly brought them with their title Arca’s Path VR. The question is… with what they have done with their game, does it work in VR?

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Beatron 2000 Review (Oculus Go)

Since the release and the popularity of Beat Saber, we have seen a number of games trying to match that winning formula. However, we have not seen many of these on the mobile VR platfroms. This is where Beatron 2000 comes in to the fold, but does it bring anything close and as addictive?

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Parking VR Review (Oculus Go)

As someone who doesn’t drive I was interested to see what Parking VR offers. Would it give some pointers on parking a car?… Was it made to be a tool for helping people who don’t drive?… or just some fun for the Oculus Go? – well let’s take a look at what this actually offers.

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