VR Cover Review (HTC Vive)

As VR games become more and more active and start to be more of a work out for some of the games/experiences, it goes hand in hand with sweat filled foam on the Vive. Not only is this a pain to clean, but you hear the horror stories of Vive’s support with water damage. This is where VR Cover wants to fill the need in the market for easier to clean face covers… so does the product work?

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Dick Wilde 2 Review (HTC Vive)

Dick Wilde has returned with a second round of taking out critters with it’s Southern American twist. The first instalment was a solid enough shooter, but came with a number of issues. The question is…have the team at Bolverk Games made the improvements in the sequel?

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Slime Rancher: VR Playground Review (HTC Vive)

I was really happy to hear that the team at Monomi Park were bringing VR support to the their popular slime farming title Slime Rancher. Then it was confirmed that the VR mode will becoming as a free download to those who own the game… but what does it actually offer?

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ProTubeVR Review

Since VR was introduced companies have tried to find some way to bring some extra immersion to the gaming side of the platform, and we still see companies looking for new way today. This is where the team at ProTubeVR have come into play, bringing us the ProTubeVR, which is built to emulate holding a rifle – but does this work and bring in that extra immersion?

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Transpose Review (HTC Vive)

Since the announcement of Transpose I have been interested in seeing what the game was going to bring to the puzzle game genre. This is because the game looked like a unique idea and one of those that shows why the VR medium is a great platform for gaming. The game is now available, so did it leave a lasting impression on me?

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Call of Cthulhu Review (inc vorpX)

I have always been interested in Lovecraft’s Call of Cthulhu universe. After hearing that Cyanide Studio’s were creating an adaption of the classic pen and paper RPG, I was excited to see their take on this universe. The game has now been released, I have played through the PC version of the game – so did I do the name justice?

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