Parking VR Review (Oculus Go)

As someone who doesn’t drive I was interested to see what Parking VR offers. Would it give some pointers on parking a car?… Was it made to be a tool for helping people who don’t drive?… or just some fun for the Oculus Go? – well let’s take a look at what this actually offers.

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Let’s Play That Dragon, Cancer: I’m Sorry Guys, It’s Not Good (Oculus Go)

That Dragon, Caner has been available on PS4 and PC for a long time. The standard game that has been available tells the heart wrenching story of a family dealing with their child being diagnosed with incurable cancer. On the Oculus Go (and Gear VR) there is a VR experience.

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PaintVR (Oculus Go Review)

One thing I have loved with VR is some of the creation applications that are available, with the like of Tilt Brush and CoolPaintr VR being ones I have had great fun with. PaintVR brings this sort of application over to mobile VR, allow you to be creative on the go. But, how well does this work with mobile VR?

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SculptrVR Review (Oculus Go)

More and more applications that are allowing people to be release they’re artistic side are starting to come to VR. SculptrVR is one of these applications and it is also available on the Oculus Go, the question is… does it work on this standalone device?

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