Jurassic World Blue

Let’s Play Jurassic World Blue – Chapter One (Oculus Go)

I have finally got my adaptor and cable for recording sound for the Oculus Go, and the 360 video has had a lot of good things said about it. So, I thought I would play it and bring it to my channel.

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Augmented Empire

Augmented Empire Review (Oculus Go)

When I visited EGX Rezzed back in April this year I stopped by Coatsink and tried out Augmented Empire. While there I asked about this coming to Oculus Rift, and the team informed it would only be mobile based. Which I thought was a shame, as I did not plan to invest in mobile VR. But, now I have the Oculus Go, what did I think after more time with the game?

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Along Together

Along Together Review (PSVR)

Along Together is another game brought to the VR platform by Turbo Button, who have also released Floor Plan (read my review here) on the PlayStation VR. This time the game combines first person and third person views in a puzzle platformer, but does the game do this well?

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