All The Games That Will Be Free On Quest, If You Own Them On The Go Or Gear VR

One thing that came out at Oculus Connect 6 (OC6) is the fact the team at Facebook/Oculus are pushing their standalone headset to the forefront of their products. With confirmation of hand-tracking, the Oculus Link and of course that a number of games from the Go and Gear VR are coming to Quest… and if you owned them previously, you will get them for free.

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Superhot VR Review (Oculus Quest)

When they first announced the Oculus Quest we were excited to see Superhot was making the jump to the platform. We are massive fans of the PCVR version of the game, with it being the game that introduced the PCVR content to The VR Realm. When we were thinking the game could not get any better, the idea of tether-less Superhot excited us. So, did it improve on a game we thought could not get better?

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Moss Review (Oculus Quest)

Moss is one of the few VR games we have played through on multiple occasions and loved every time we have played it. Also, it still holds out as one of our most recommended and favourite VR games – on all platforms to date. So, we were really happy it was going to get released on the Quest, we have now played through the Quest version – does this version hold out as well as the others?

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Racket: NX Review (Oculus Quest)

A year after Racket: NX released on PCVR, it has made it’s way over to Oculus Quest. It was well received by the PCVR community, so it only made sense it would finally make it onto it’s VR tether-less cousin. We have now played this port, but does it port work well?

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