FREEDIVER: Triton Down Review (Oculus Rift)

When the teaser trailer was released for Archiact’s FREEDIVER Triton Down and the hashtag of #DontForgetBreathe popped up, I was instantly interested to see what the game was going to do. Well, I have now had the chance to playthrough it, what did I think?

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Luna Review (PSVR)

One thing I really like in VR is when developers look at possibilities that the medium holds, that are outside of the box. These possibilities are normally best explored in story-like experiences, and this is the approach that the team at Funomena have taken. So, did this experience leave a positive impression?

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Trover Saves The Universe Review (PSVR)

As soon as Trover Saves The Universe was announced, I knew I needed to play this game. Down to it being the next release from Squanch Games and Justin Roiland – the team behind Accounting and the mind behind Rick and Morty. The wait is finally over, so what did I think of my adventure with Trover?

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Flavortown:VR Review (Oculus Rift)

With games like Accounting setting the bar for humour in VR, I was interested in playing Flavortown from watching the trailer, with it giving off the vibes of that sort of humour. I have now played through the game, so what did I think of my visit to Flavortown?

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