Hands-on With Special Force VR: Infinity War (PCVR)

Military based shooters are one genre that seems to transfer well into the VR medium. But, as more and more enter the battlefield developers need to pull off something special to stand out – especially with the popularity of games like Onward, Pavlov and Contractors. Can Special Force VR manage to compete with these titles, or is it going to be just another causality of war?

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Battlewake Review (PCVR)

What has become well know on the VR medium is the fact that Survios know what they are doing when making VR games, never mind the genre. When Battlewake was announced and we found out they were taking us to the seven seas for some ship on ship combat, we were excited to see what they were going to do. So, did they continue the trend and bring another great title to VR?

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Hands-on With Until You Fall (PCVR)

The first information about Until You Fall had us surprised with the change of pace from Schell Games last title I Expect You To Die. With the game taking a less relaxed puzzle approach to what looked like a very active aggressive sword fighting game. We have now had some hands-on time with the game, so what did we make of Until You Fall?

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