ProTubeVR Launches ForceTubeVR’s Kickstarter

ProTubeVR are a company that have brought the most realistic gunstock to the PCVR platforms. Here at The VR Realm we are a big fan of the gunstock and the extra benefits and immersion the product brings with it (read our review here). The company is now looking to fund a new module you can add to your ProTubeVR that brings extra immersion, with the ForceTubeVR.

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ProTubeVR Review

Since VR was introduced companies have tried to find some way to bring some extra immersion to the gaming side of the platform, and we still see companies looking for new way today. This is where the team at ProTubeVR have come into play, bringing us the ProTubeVR, which is built to emulate holding a rifle – but does this work and bring in that extra immersion?

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