Close To The Sun Review (inc vorpX)

When the first Close to the Sun trailer was released I was interested in seeing what the game was going to bring – with it giving Bioshock vibes. I was then given the chance to try this out at EGX Rezzed and I was really impressed with what I got to play. But, how did the whole experience leave me feeling?

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VR Cover Review (HTC Vive)

As VR games become more and more active and start to be more of a work out for some of the games/experiences, it goes hand in hand with sweat filled foam on the Vive. Not only is this a pain to clean, but you hear the horror stories of Vive’s support with water damage. This is where VR Cover wants to fill the need in the market for easier to clean face covers… so does the product work?

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World War Z Review (including vorpX)

World War Z was a movie released back in 2013, now some years later we are finally receiving a game that is tied in with the movie. The question is can the game make up for the poorly received first and cancelled sequel, and make something good for the franchise?

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