Tuesday , 5 December 2023

Year: 2018

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Hands-on With Contractors VR

There is a number of shooters trying to make an impact in the VR medium at the moment, and Caveman Studio have joined...

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Gungrave VR Review

Gungrave has ended its silence as a series after fourteen long years of radio silence. A big surprise of this release after so...

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Sharknado VR: Eye Of The Storm Review

The Sharknado movies have really built a franchise around the whole so bad it’s good mentality. Well it’s time for the franchise to...

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Arca’s Path VR Review

It’s really great when developers try to bring a new idea and concept to VR. The team at Dream Reality Interactive have certainly...

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Home Sweet Home Review

Horror games are becoming a huge part of the VR platforms, and rightly so as the genre translates into VR so well. Around...

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Beat Saber Review

Beat Saber has taken PCVR by storm, and it’s release on PlayStation VR has been highly anticipated by owners of the hardware. The...