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Latest First Look/Hands-On

Preview: Arcade Paradise VR

When I heard Arcade Paradise was coming to VR, I was very interested in seeing what it would offer. As with PowerWash...

First Look/Hands-onHardware/Peripherals

Hands-on with PSVR2 Magcups from ProTubeVR

As the library of shooters is growing on PlayStation VR2, and as someone who has been using a ProTube since back in 2018,...

First Look/Hands-onMeta Quest

First Look at Sniper Elite VR: Winter Warrior

Back in July 2021 Rebellion’s Sniper Elite took it first foray into Virtual Reality, and I loved getting my hands on the series...

First Look/Hands-onPCVR

First Look At Ghosts of Tabor

One thing that got me into PCVR was the sheer amount of shooters and one in particular being Stand Out VR, but this...

First Look/Hands-onMeta Quest

First Look At Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom

One of my favourite TV series that has released in a while is Peaky Blinders, and I always felt the gritty-streets of 1920’s...

First Look/Hands-onPCVR

First Look at After The Fall: Reclamation Update

After The Fall’s next update Reclamation is coming in a few days, and I have been lucky enough to take an early look...

First Look/Hands-onMeta Quest

First Look At World of Mechs VR

One thing that is missing in VR, is a decent Mech game that leans more on the arcade elements than realism. This is...

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