Synth Riders and OhShape Join Forces To Release Caravan Palace Music Pack

The developers of Synth Riders and OhShape join forces again to bring a “Caravan Palace Music Pack” to both games on July 9th.

Following a successful collaboration bring one new song to their games last year, the two developers have come back with a full, five song DLC music pack – with the greatest hits from famous French electronic band Caravan Palace.

Full tracklist:

  • Caravan Palace – “Lone Digger”
  • Caravan Palace – “Wonderland”
  • Caravan Palace – “Miracle”
  • Caravan Palace – “Rock It For Me”
  • Caravan Palace – “Tattoos”

As with the last two DLC music packs released for Synth Riders, Caravan Palace will come with a unique audio-visual experience for one of the songs. This time, ‘Wonderland’ will take the players for a hypnotizing trip full of dance, mystery, and colourful mushrooms. OhShape will welcome players with a new Stage inspired by the signature visuals of the Caravan Palace band.

“Caravan Palace Music Pack” will be available for purchase for each game separately on Steam and Oculus Quest starting July 9th, priced at $1.99 per song or $7.99 for the whole bundle.