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Month: October 2018

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Accounting+ Review

When I first got my HTC Vive, Accounting was one of the first things I downloaded and it certainly left a lasting impression...

Unearthing Mars 2
PSVR GamesReviews

Unearthing Mars 2: The Ancient War Review

Unearthing Mar 2 was a shock announcement for PSVR users, after the first entry was not very well received. However, the team at...

Twilight Path
PCVR GamesReviews

Twilight Path Review

Charm Games first VR title FORM made me realise how well puzzle games can be done in this medium, and built my love...

PSVR GamesReviews

Transference VR Review

Since Transference was originally announced all the way back at E3 2017, I was certainly interested to find out what the game was...

PCVR GamesReviews

Blind Review

I am always interested when I see games that are trying something new, so I was instantly interested in Blind. The idea of...