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Season One

Ep.1 - NEOS VR The True Metaverse (ft. Turk & Lazhannya)
Ep.2 - Investing in VR (ft. Skeeva)
Ep.3 - Mixed Reality in VR (ft. Atom Bomb Body)
Ep.4 - PSVR2 Specs (ft. VR Essentials)
Ep.5 - Creating VR Content (ft. Rhys Da King)
Ep.6 - Virtual Reality on TikTok (ft. TribeGreyWolf)
Ep.7 - Catching Up With An Old Soul (ft. Dr Oculus VR)
Ep.8 - Indie Games in VR (ft. IndieVR)
Ep.9 - Creating A Streaming Widget For VR (ft. BOLL7708)
Ep.10 - WOW Moments in VR (ft. Mac in VR)
Ep.11 - Getting Taken In By VR (ft. GAMERTAGVR)
Ep.12 - Becoming A VR Community Manager (ft. Jimmy Bowers)

Season Two

Ep.13 - Streaming & VR Games (ft. c0ldvengeance)
Ep.14 - PSVR2 Excitement (ft. Dr Oculus VR)
Ep.15 - PSVR2 First Impressions (ft. Dr Oculus VR)
Ep.16 - Dr Oculus Co-Host, DPVR E4 & Realism in VR
Ep.17 - Lots of New Releases!
Ep.18 - Showcase Crazy!
Ep.19 - Call of The Sea VR (ft. Tatiana, Out of the Blue Cofounder & Creative Director)
Ep.20 - Does the PSVR2 have a lack of games?
Ep.21 - Let's talk about Mods, Baby!
Ep.22 - Meta Quest 3 Impressions
Ep.23 - Will We Get More AAA?
Ep.24 - The VRverse Awards 2023

Season Three

Ep. 25 - UEVR the mod VR needed?
Ep.26 - PSVR2 One Year Later
Ep.27 - Special Guest Jörg Tittel from RapidEyeMovers
Ep.28 - Special Guest Alberto Moreno from MyDearestVR
Ep.29 - A VR Catch Up