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First Look At Ghosts of Tabor

One thing that got me into PCVR was the sheer amount of shooters and one in particular being Stand Out VR, but...

First Look/Hands-onPCVR

First Look at After The Fall: Reclamation Update

After The Fall’s next update Reclamation is coming in a few days, and I have been lucky enough to take an early look...

First Look/Hands-onPCVR

First Look At After The Fall

After The Fall is only weeks away from release, with the game dropping on Steam, Rift, Quest 2 and PSVR on 9th December....

First Look/Hands-onPCVR

First Look At Hubris

When first coming across the trailer for Hubris, I really thought it looked like a stunning game and this left me thinking can...

First Look/Hands-onPCVR

Hands-on With Z-Race

When first seeing Z-Race information and trailers, we were thinking we are finally getting a Wipeout game for PCVR. We have now spent...

First Look/Hands-onPCVR

Hands-on With Crisis VRigade 2

We were fans of the original Crisis VRigade, and where the difficulty curve at first could be frustrating, it soon became one of...

First Look/Hands-onPCVR

Hands-on With Ayahuasca Kosmik Journey

Ayahuasca: Kosmik Journey is a 360 film made for Virtual Reality, meaning I went into this with bated breath, as 360 video has...

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