Saturday , 13 July 2024




CONVRGENCE is the new game from the solo-developer who was working on Paradox of Hope before he was forced to take it down...


Preview: Metal Hellsinger VR

I have always liked the look of Metal: Hellsinger but with it not being Virtual Reality, I have never really found the time...

Meta QuestPreview

Preview: Smash Drums: Frickin Rock Show Update

As announced at the UploadVR Showcase Smash Drums has been give a free ‘Frickin Rock Show’ update. I have been checking it out...

Meta QuestPreview

Preview: Zero Caliber 2

I was a huge fan of Zero Caliber on PCVR and have played through it a number of times in co-op with different...

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Preview: Fruit Saloon

After loving New Folder Games I Am Cat, I noticed a game by them called Fruit Saloon which looked just a crazy. So,...

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Preview: I Am Cat

Virtual Reality lets you do a lot of things, and now I Am Cat allows you to become a cat and terrorise your...