Wednesday , 24 April 2024


First Look/Hands-onPCVR

First Look At Ghosts of Tabor

One thing that got me into PCVR was the sheer amount of shooters and one in particular being Stand Out VR, but this...

First Look/Hands-onPCVR

First Look at After The Fall: Reclamation Update

After The Fall’s next update Reclamation is coming in a few days, and I have been lucky enough to take an early look...

First Look/Hands-onPCVR

First Look At After The Fall

After The Fall is only weeks away from release, with the game dropping on Steam, Rift, Quest 2 and PSVR on 9th December....

First Look/Hands-onPCVR

First Look At Hubris

When first coming across the trailer for Hubris, I really thought it looked like a stunning game and this left me thinking can...

First Look/Hands-onPCVR

Hands-on With Z-Race

When first seeing Z-Race information and trailers, we were thinking we are finally getting a Wipeout game for PCVR. We have now spent...

First Look/Hands-onPCVR

Hands-on With Crisis VRigade 2

We were fans of the original Crisis VRigade, and where the difficulty curve at first could be frustrating, it soon became one of...