Saturday , 18 May 2024

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RUINSMAGUS Complete Review

One under represented area in VR is JRPG, this is where games like RUINSMAGUS come in. With the team at CharacterBank looking the...

PSVR2 GamesReviews

TOSS! Review

When first seeing the trailer for TOSS! it looked like a bit of mindless fun in VR, that would make you feel like...

PSVR2 GamesReviews

A Fisherman’s Tale Review

One of my favourite puzzle games in Virtual Reality A Fisherman’s Tale has been given the PlayStation VR 2 upgrade treatment. After not...

PSVR2 GamesReviews

Green Hell VR Review

I was really looking forward to Green Hell VR when it was announced, but I decided to hold off playing until it came...

PSVR2 GamesReviews

Cities VR – Enhanced Edition Review

I enjoyed playing Cities VR on the Meta Quest 2, but I felt like there was a number issues presented with the game...

PSVR2 GamesReviews

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR Review (Updated)

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood was a game I was waiting for either a sequel or more content to come after playing it...