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Preview: Fruit Saloon

After loving New Folder Games I Am Cat, I noticed a game by them called Fruit Saloon which looked just a crazy. So, I have spent some time fixing up some Fruit, but was it juicy fun?

Release Date: May 2nd 2024
Price: £7.99
Previewed On: Meta Quest 3
* Access Provided For Preview *

As with the aforementioned I Am Cat, Fruit Saloon is currently in early access. At this moment in time there are a set number of Fruits to sort out before they come back around and you complete the same rotation again.

In this rotation you will get a set number of jobs/surgeries to carry out on the fruit that is hanging from the hook in front of you. These include things like a pregnant Avocado you need you will need to cut open, remove the pip and stitch up the incision you made, as well as popping pimples, removing bugs and cleaning other fruits and refilling dried up grapes. Some of these can be completed in multiple ways, but some jobs will require the same process. Think of a more simplistic Surgeon Simulator like game, but carrying out the jobs on fruit.

One thing I totally loved about Fruit Saloon that I really feel adds to the wackiness of it all, is how expressive the fruits are. Watch them whimper as you hold the knife, have a tear running from their eye as you use the stitch gun or give you love-heart eyes when you are done. Seeing some of the faces they make will crack you up and adds to the fun the team wanted in the game.

While I was gearing up to play the game for this preview the team did advise me an update would be dropping, so I decided to wait and go back in to see what was added. New Folder Games added some extras that can be used to mess with the fruit a bit more like tasering them and taking photos, as well as soon extra tools and elements like needing to shave the fruit. Which event these small editions added a bit more fun and craziness to the game.

With the game being in early access it might seem like the game is lacking content, with only having a set number of job before the rotation starts again. But, even in the first month the team have added some other fun tools and elements into game, so hopefully we will see more updates down the line. But, even at the current price of £7.99 if you just want a good laugh and a game perfect for introducing people to VR and giving them a giggle… why not operate on some fruit?