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Review: PowerWash Simulator VR: Alice’s Adventures DLC

It’s that time again already more DLC for PowerWash Simulator VR, this time we will be going into Wonderland in Alice’s Adventures to clean up some popular settings from down the rabbit hole.

Release Date: July 11th 2024
Developer: Futurlab
Publisher: nDreams
Price: US $7.99 / €7,99 / £6.99
Reviewed On: Meta Quest 3
* Access Provided For Review *

As mentioned you will be visiting well known locations within Wonderland in this latest DLC, keeping to the theme of the DLC special packs giving people chance to clean iconic parts of TV shows and films.

The places you get to visit in Wonderland are:

• Wonderland Entrance Hall
• White Rabbit’s House
• Caterpillar’s Mushroom
• Mad Tea Party
• Queen of Heart’s Court

As you would expect these are all now covered in dirt, grime, chocolate, icing and sprinkles, and its down to you to give them a good clean with on your own or with friends in co-op. However, one thing that surprised me with this pack is all of the jobs are large scale jobs – which isn’t a bad thing as it gives you more to clean and time in the game having fun.

All of these scenes have a trippy feeling to them which fall inline perfectly with the Wonderland theme, with all the bright colors, some items being huge and some small, it really plays with your mind. Add this to the settings featuring ornate interiors and fabrics for furnishings, mixed with themed items for each world. Which brings it together for the perfect Alice cleaning adventure.

The Verdict

PowerWash Simulator seems to always find the perfect franchises to bring to the game and clean, and Alice’s Adventure allows anyone to enjoy visiting Wonderland and clean five iconic locations, that will definitely strike-a-cord with fans of Alice. I love the work the team have done with the franchise and cleaning the Med Tea Party was surreal – and oh yeah keep an eye out and visit the Cheshire Cat in each location.