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Review: Smash Drums: Hard Rock Legends – Music Pack

Smash Drums knocked it out the park with the Punk Rock Legends Music Pack in December 2023. PotamWorks have now added more songs in their next paid DLC, which offers tracks from Hard Rock Legends.

Release Date: April 4th 2024
Developer: PotamWorks
Publisher: PotamWorks
Price: £5.99
Reviewed On: Meta Quest 3
* Access Provided For Review *

The five hard rock legends track, added by the DLC are:

Avenged Sevenfold – Bat Country
3 Doors Down – Kryptonite
Rise Against – Prayer of the Refugee
Papa Roach – Last Resort
Bad Religion – America Jesus

All of these songs are playable in the single player modes arcade, classic or smashed reality (the games MR mode). With the songs all being hard rock don’t expect much of break between in the songs, a few slow down for a few seconds, but most give you little break. All of them are playable across all difficulties in every mode.

Again PotamWorks chose a great selection of songs, some more lighter than others, but songs that were on my playlist while skateboarding back in my collage years. Meaning all these songs really resonated with my younger years, and songs I still add on playlists to this day for working too.

All of the tracks are mapped perfectly for each difficulty you can play them on across arcade and classic mode. As aforementioned you get little break within the tracks, so expect to be ready to be hitting drums through the entirety of each song. Again they have made the game simulate playing the drums perfectly with a different genre of music.

The Verdict

PotamWorks again took me back to my teenage years with the Hard Rock Legends music pack. With a great selection on hard rock tracks that offer a different tempo and style in the genre, with tracks that I still have on playlists today. Adding these tracks to punk, 90’s and 80’s legends from previous music packs and Smash Drums is getting a fantastic catalog of songs added to the games already impressive base track selection.