Sunday , 19 May 2024



ProStraps MK2 Stand Alone for Meta Quest 3 Review

One thing I prefer on my Virtual Reality controllers is knuckle straps, and ProTube VR have this covered with the ProStraps. With Meta’s...


ZyberVR Quick-Charge Neck Power Bank Review

ZyberVR successfully sorted out my issues with the comfort of the Quest 3 with their Elite Strap. My next biggest issue with the...


ZyberVR Quest 3 Elite Strap Review

One thing I hated from day one of the Quest 3 was that headstrap, that became aptly known as the jockstrap. ZyberVR have...


Globular Cluster CMP2 Comfortable Mod for PSVR2 Review

One area some people are struggling with the PSVR2 is around the comfort, this is where Globular Cluster have entered the accessory scene...


DPVR Accessories Review

Back in June this year DPVR announced that they were releasing a bunch of accessories for their headset. The team have been kind...


DPVR E4 Review

The team at DPVR had a vision with the E4 which was to make an affordable PCVR headset, that is made to take...